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Month: May, 2012

Young gay strips after soccer match

This guy looks kinda familiar for me, I don’t know but he looks like a Rockstar, more specifically a Norwegian Rockstar. Anyway who cares? This hot young stud had a soccer match, his team lost but he is a true winner. We could capture this hottie and his hard cock in action. We’re still unsure about his future on soccer but at least he does have a chance with young gay porn movies. Slip inside and tell us if you think that this young gay guy can be more successful playing soccer or playing with his dick.

Twinks fucking after pool party

You know those teenagers they really love to party, and fuck. This hot twink hosted a pool party in his house, sadly for him, not too much of his friends went there but he managed to have some fun. He picked up one of his hot friends and started to play with him. If you love young gay porn, you’ll like to see those hot twinks fucking hardcore after a pool party. They’re young, hot and horny. Their cocks are hard and creamy. It is the best of both worlds for some twink lovers out there.